Professional Beauty Journal is a scientific publication for beauty & wellness industry professionals who wants to bring their business fast forward. The magazine is edited and published by the Balneo Community Interest Company since 2019

The publishing house was founded after the success of a professional blog for beauty professionals in the UK, by the founder of the Association of Polish Cosmetology Professionals in the UK, a cosmetologist, promoter of a holistic approach to the skin, enthusiast of the beauty & wellness industry, creator of various events related to health and beauty in the UK. 

Our publication consistently promotes knowledge and professional ethics through a professional blog, with important messages and topics related to the beginnings of the beauty business.

In 2019, the first edition of a high-quality publication for UK business leaders and professionals in various fields in the industry was published. We invited industry experts and professional brands to co-create the first editions of Professional Beauty Journal.

From the very beginning, the magazine has been an independent publication with international reach in digital and print editions. All content and advertisements are available on the magazine’s online platform 

We want to inspire and encourage business leaders in the industry, let’s focus on what supports the common development of the industry, and therefore satisfaction with what we publish for you.

Our mission:  to promote proven substantive information, content related to professional ethics, and legal information related to practicing the profession in Great Britain and other European countries. Our publication is focused on highlighting industry leaders and successful people from the wellness, health and beauty industry.

We invite you to contribute to Professional Beauty Journal at every level. 

Publishing Team